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Mobile Development: Be it native or cross-platform - we deliver complete mobile solutions.

Web Development: Be it website, e-commerce or more complex web application – we deliver complete solutions. Modern and responsive.

Software: We deliver dedicated software applications tailored to your requirements.

Quality Assurance: We test your application to make it robust and market ready!

UX/UI: We design your user interface to help your customers enjoy the product.

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Today, tens of millions of artworks are stored away in freeports and storage facilities and countless more are hanging inside private homes. We believe collecting is not a mere act of amassing. Art is being neglected, forgotten about, and left without an audience. We launched Collecteurs to empower collectors and give them a platform to finally turn things around.

We facilitate collaboration between collectors and provide unrivaled privacy to our members. With our Off-the-record cryptography, our members’ private data is only visible to them and is not even accessible to us as the platform owners. We give curators, and the public at large, access for research, education, and exhibition purposes. Through our editorial component, we cover genuine stories and ideas that inspire audiences and promote social change.


DUBPC is an app designed for backpackers around the world with the intention of traveling around Australia and New Zealand for some time.

Finding, buying and selling the car maybe not so pleasant experience for someone who visiting down-under for the first time. Having that on our mind, DUBPC team has created this app to make this process seamless. With this tool in your hand, you can find, buy and sell vehicles multiple times in both: New Zealand and Australia for the fraction of the ordinary cost. You can find and secure the purchase while still in the planning stage.


HERAG is an application which enables modern, simple and fast communication with the users, with the following benefits:

  • Delivery of relevant information at the current moment
  • Unlimited number of users
  • The user has control over the notification system
  • The application also enables two-way communication if needed

The application will keep the users informed about important projects, seminars or grants in real time. This will help them improve their business

Real Estate App

The app enables users to search for houses or apartments in their region which they can buy or rent. They can communicate with the seller trough the application.

Every user can become a seller of his real estate and post it with the help of the mobile app.

The application can be used for Real estate agencies which have multiple employees and a large amount of posted objects.

Tennis App

Tennis Book is a personalized Mobile & Tablet application for players and Club Owners all over the World. It offers the fastest and easiest way to track your personal stats, to create a tennis club Ladder, League or Tournament and to connect with tennis players worldwide through your device.


The GHMedia application is a personalized Mobile & Tablet application that is available just to clients and partners of the company GHMedia.

They enable an easier interaction between all users of the app and enable a faster and more efficient method for delivering goods and services to partners and clients.

The platform has an educational segment, which helps the partners keep up to date with the newest technology and assures the highest quality of service offered to their clients.


BookWith is a mobile marketplace which connects customers with a variety of service providers. They can interact with the service providers, book their services in a few clicks, keep track of their appointments and manage them trough their booking calendar

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